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Artisan Bakery

The Green Kitchen Festive Menu

Our festive menu is a mix of Portuguese and British festive food veganised .

These will be on the shelves throughout  the season  and available to order. 

All our  savory baked goods will be supplied semi - baked and  frozen to allow you to  quickly finish the baking in your home oven,

and serve them freshly baked,  with easy to follow  instructions.

We encourage our customers to order as early  as possible to avoid disappointment .


Festive Roasts 

Dressed to Impress

Savory & Festive 

Smoky Savory Tartelles

3  different combinations which includes:

Smoky V sausage, gravy & Cheese

Garlic mushrooms, stuffing & gravy,

Bolognese sauce &  V. cheese

These are such a treat!

Perfect company for a glass of buck's fizz.

Sausage Medallions 

TGK's Sausage with  sage and onions stuffing and cranberry sauce - rolled in puff pastry.  Ready to  bake medallions.  The perfect finger food to entertain your guests until dinner is ready. 

Garlic & Cheese Swirl Bites

TGK's garlic & cheese swirls, made with puff pastry. Ready to  bake medallions.

Delicious as a stater but also perfect to accompany the main meal.

Festive Pie

Individual or family size.

V no beef  roast, sage and onion stuffing & creamy gravy

  Festive Dinner

No Beef Meat Loaf

Serves 6

Naked meat loaf, with our own soy based recipe. Topped with a layer of  sage onion  crumble. So Christmassy!!

A British take on an America Classic, veganized to perfection.

Sides and Nibbles

 Seasoned Olives, Garlic Mushrooms, Seasoned V.Feta

House Specials
Breakfast & Lunch

Sweet and Festive 

Bolo Rei
Kings Crown

Portuguese iconic Christmas Cake. Sweet bread crown, rolled with dried and candied fruits and nuts; topped with icing sugar resembling the king's crown which names the cake as the "Kings Crown".

Bolo da Rainha
Queen's Crown

Portuguese traditional alternative to Bolo Rei. Sweet bread, rolled with dried fruits and nuts; topped with icing sugar resembling a "Queens' crown".

Bolacha with Ganache Drip

Layers of soften biscuits dunked in coffee, creamy mocha and chocolate ganache. A beautiful and sophisticate dessert.

Triple Chocolate  

Moorish chocolate sponge, Ve chocolate buttercream and ganache. Beautifully decorated to impress.

Black Forest Trifle 

Beyond heavenly, layers of Chocolate Sponge, cherry reduction, V. cream and chocolate ganache. Our take on the original flavours of the German Black forest Gateaux in a trifle indulgence.

Gluten-Free Sweet & Festive 

Rustic Caramelized Apple Pie

A gluten-free  pastry base filled with an apple creamy custard topped with caramelized apple slices, dusted with icing sugar


Cherry and Almond Pie

 A gluten-free  pastry base filled with a cherry reduction, almond soft moorish sponge and toasted almonds.

Mince Pies

 A gluten-free  pastry base filled with spiced, made pretty and festive.



Pure Lush

All Baked in House

Allergies, food intolerances and availability

We try our best to cater to all; therefore we offer gluten-free/ soy-free/low fat and low sugar options, subject to availability,

However, these can be ordered in advance. Let us know if you have any preferences or food allergies before you order, 

If you have severe allergies, please bear in mind that despite us being very careful, there's always a risk of cross-contamination of allergens,

as we bake all in the same kitchen space.

All menu items are subject to availability and can be removed from the menu or added as seen fit by management.

These can be available simultaneously, but it is not guaranteed.



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